Musicteca Postponed

After much consideration and deliberation, we are sad to announce, this Sunday’s event, Musicteca: Colombian Cumbia with Dr. Juan G. Sánchez-Martinez, will be postponed to a later date. 

We struggled to make this decision, however, in light of recent news of the fire marshal temporarily closing American Vinyl Co due to an issue with the sprinkler system, their venue was no longer suitable to host events.  We wish Ryan and his team swift recovery from this technical obstacle and understand safety first. 

Musicteca has been in the works for the past 5 months here at Asheville Writers in the Schools and Community (AWITSC). We wanted to respect the values we hold as an organization to provide cultural exchange in a just and equitable community, by finding the right venue for our workshop series. 

We will be rescheduling our series, and providing refunds to ticket holders. We appreciate the support of those who purchased, and those who planned to purchase tickets for this event.

We would like to express gratitude for the collaboration and contributions of all those who worked to make this series possible. Micah Richardson, our event planner; Chef Jeremy Salig, for sharing his culinary skills; Centzotle, for their interpretation services; the youth program Raíces, for their dancing; Manuel Vackero and Jeff Deleon, for the videography; and Juan G. Sánchez-Martinez, for his presentation. 

Musicteca will return at a later date, to be announced, so stay tuned to our social media or sign up for regular communications about the happenings with AWITSC. 

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